In 2020, there were over 64,000 traumatic brain injury (TBI)-related deaths in the United States. TBIs affect the lives of people of all ages. If left unmanaged, TBIs can be debilitating. If you or someone you know has been suffering from TBIs, then you have come to the right place. Our Board-Certified Interventional Pain Medicine Specialist, Trung Ha, MD, at Quantum Pain & Sports Medicine in Irving, Texas, specializes in TBI pain management and can help you get the relief you need for a better quality of life. To schedule an appointment, call the office or book online today!

What is a traumatic brain injury?

A traumatic brain injury usually results from a violent blow or jolt to the head or body. An object that goes through brain tissue, such as a bullet or shattered piece of skull, also can cause traumatic brain injury. Mild traumatic brain injury may affect your brain cells temporarily. More serious traumatic brain injury can result in bruising, torn tissues, bleeding and other physical damage to the brain. These injuries can result in long-term complications or death.

What can cause a traumatic brain injury?

What are the symptoms of a traumatic brain injury?

The signs and symptoms of mild traumatic brain injury may include:

Moderate to severe traumatic brain injuries can include any of the signs and symptoms of mild injury, as well as these symptoms that may appear within the first hours to days after a head injury:

How do I treat a traumatic brain injury?

The team at Quantum Pain & Sports Medicine develops personalized treatment plans for the management of traumatic brain injuries.

Your plan may include:

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