If you’re in pain, you know that it can affect many aspects of your life. Whether you recently injured yourself or you’ve been dealing with chronic pain for a while, the inability to do the things you love and take care of everyday tasks like working, taking care of children – even just getting around – can be a burden.

And just like pain affects so many parts of daily life, there are a lot of things we do in our day-to-day lives that can have major impacts on our bodies and lead to health issues like acute and/or chronic pain. That’s where holistic pain management comes in.

What is holistic pain management?

Rather than just focusing on one particular reason or cause of pain, a holistic approach like the one we use at Quantum Pain & Sports Medicine factors in everything that might be contributing to your pain and negatively affect your overall health and wellness. This includes things like your diet, activity levels, mental and emotional health, stress levels, and anything else that could be a factor in your unique case.

Taken individually, these elements only give a snapshot of one aspect of your well-being. But since we look at the entire picture as a whole, we get insights on how they all fit together, as well as how we can help you focus on improving them all by focusing on the most important things first.

How it works

We start every consultation by talking about your pain, but we also discuss things like medical history, your lifestyle, family life, as well as the kinds of goals you’re willing to set for yourself to improve your health. We’ll also perform any necessary tests, including doing things like bloodwork, imaging, etc. so we can get a good idea of your physical health and check for any injuries or illnesses.

After all this is done, we sit down with every patient to design a customized treatment plan to address all of the things we discussed above. This unique plan will include things like physical therapy, an anti-inflammatory diet plan, specialized exercise programs, and we may also suggest things like regenerative medicine or other innovative therapies that might be beneficial for you.

Ultimately, our goal is to help our patients feel better. To us, that means helping them reduce or eliminate their pain, improving their overall levels of health and wellness, and improving their quality of life for a long time to come.

For more information about how holistic pain management can help you, call us at 469.913.6136 or visit our contact page to schedule your appointment today.